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Antalya, Turkey’s most colorful and touristic spot … It is the capital of the summer vacation. However, it would be not fair to say that it only consists of sun, sea and sand triad.

In Antalya, which has hosted many civilizations throughout history, there are also ancient cities, museums and historical sites where those who love historical and cultural trips can have a full holiday.With its mild climate, wide beaches and deep blue waters, Antalya reveals many miracles of nature. Whatever your purpose of travel, Antalya promises you more than that.

Historical Places to Visit in Antalya

Welcoming millions of local and foreign tourists every year, Antalya is a complete paradise for those who are interested in historical and cultural tourism! The fact that it has hosted many civilizations throughout history has enabled it to bear traces from all periods. Magnificent buildings, impressive architectures, countless ancient cities and more… We list the places you should definitely visit while you are enjoying with your healthy teeth in Antalya:


Kaleiçi, located in Muratpaşa district of Antalya, is a very important region as it carries the traces of the city’s history. Historical houses, which are among the most concrete structures that connect the past to the present, are of great importance not only with their architecture, but also because they reflect the lifestyle, behavior, traditions and customs of the people of that period. It is only 7 km away from Baron Dental Clinic.


Yanartaş, located in Çıralı, which is connected to Kemer, the popular holiday center of Antalya, is known as the eternal fire. You will reach Yanartaş approximately 3.5 km after crossing the bridge at the entrance of Çıralı and reaching the orange groves on the left. As you climb Yanartaş, do not forget to take a breath by looking at the beauty of the sea and nature.

Yanartaş, which is flooded by tourists, is close to the sea and famous for the flames emanating from the stones. If you want to have a miraculous experience, you should definitely go to Yanartaş on your Antalya holiday. It gets its name from the small parts that are formed as a result of natural gas compression.


The Historical Clock Tower, the symbol of Antalya, was built on a thick pentagonal bastion and has a clock on each side. Although there is no exact information about who had it done and when, it is thought to it belongs to Abdulhamit II period since it is written in the firman that its construction was going to begin as 25th anniversary of Abdulhamit II’s ascension to the throne. We recommend that you witness the splendor of the 14-meter-high Historical Clock Tower.


Aya Yorgi Church, one of the 5 Orthodox Greek churches in Kaleiçi, is one of the historical buildings of Antalya that you should definitely see. With its structure that sheds light on the city’s recent history, it was used for storage purposes for a long time after the population exchange in the 1920s. The church, which entered a 2-year restoration period starting from 1991, was in a dilapidated state in the years when it was empty. After the restoration, it was opened as the exhibition hall of the Kaleiçi Museum.


The Church of St. Nicholaos, built after the death of Saint Nicholaos, thought to be Santa Claus, is located in Demre. It is believed that Santa Claus slept here for a while after he died, and after a while his bones were taken to Bari by Italian sailors.


The name Olympos, which means great mountain, has been given to many mountains around the world. When you go to Olympos, which is the most important city of ancient Lycia, do not forget to swim in that famous Olympos Beach.Although the exact date of establishment is not known, it was seen that his name was written on the coins of 167-168 BC. Most of the historical remains that have survived to the present day are covered with trees and bushes and belong to the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods.The city, which has been declared a protected area as it is the breeding ground for Caretta Caretta, is under protection. Those who go to Olympos are usually backpackers, university students or tourists who want to experience the excitement of staying in bungalow houses with their friends. It offers excellent opportunities for camping enthusiasts and those who want to be in touch with nature with its tree houses and open areas where tents can be set up.


Another of Antalya’s most important ancient cities is Side Ancient City. Side, one of the port cities of Pamphylia in ancient times, dates back to 8th century BC to the Hittites. Many historical ruins have survived from the city, which was abandoned since the 12th century AD.


Among the places you should see in Antalya, you should add Patara Ancient City. Patara, a coastal town that has been the capital of the Lycian civilization, is among the rare beaches that Caretta Carettas have visited for millions of years, as well as its archaeological and historical values.The history of the Lycian city where the world’s first parliament building is located, dates back to the 8th century BC. Patara Port, which was of great importance in its period, lost its importance as it started to fill with sand over time.Another thing that contributes to the importance of the city of Patara is that it is the city besieged by Alexander the Great.


Termessos Ancient City which is one of Turkey’s best-preserved ancient city, is located 30 km northwest of Antalya. It has a different atmosphere than other ancient cities with its untouched atmosphere. The fact that Termessos, which is included in the scope of the National Park due to its natural beauties and historical artifacts, was written with a double ‘s’, proves that it was founded by the Anatolian people.

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