Dr. Dt. Burak

Maxillofacial Surgery / Implantologist

Maxillofacial Surgeon  Dr.Dt.Burak ÖNER Was born in Gölcük – Kocaeli on 1985.He studied primary and high school at Çanakkale.
He started  Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry in Ankara in 2003 and he was Successfully Graduated in 2008.
He started his postgraduate education in the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery in 2010 at Süleyman Demirel University and completed his postgraduate education in 2016.
He worked as a Maxillofacial surgeon in Antalya Government Dental Hospital between 2016-2018.
Burak ÖNER has participated in many domestic and international scientific congresses and he is highly experienced in advanced surgery and implantology.
Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr.Dt.Burak ONER has been continuing his profession, one of the prominent Clinic of Health Tourism in the Side Region at the Baron Dental Clinic since October 2018.
Burak ÖNER could speak advanced English and beginner-level German.

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