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Save with Dental Tourism

Countless people all around the globe are choosing Turkey to find solutions for their Health Problems. The reason is that Turkey has been among the first on the list of countries that come up with the term “Health Tourism” in recent years.

Turkey offers the opportunity to combine attractive vacation options with the necessary inexpensive and high-quality Dental Treatments to thousands of Tourists, including European people,  every year.
Another advantage of the dentists in Turkey, which ensures the worldwide popularity of this country, is the high level of willingness and aiming to satisfy the patient. The golden rule, The customer (the patient) is king, applies not only in the traditional tourism industry but also in dental clinics in Turkey that geared towards the dental treatment of foreigners. Hence you can combine your holiday in Turkey with dental Treatment without any worries.

An additional advantage is hotel accommodation and Tourism. The main competitors of Turkey in the field are Spain, Greece, and Egypt. When you compare those countries, you will notice that accommodation services at a higher level of quality in Turkey and Turkish hospitality are incomparable. Turkey is known and also popular thanks to natural beauty, the sunny climate, long sandy beaches, and friendly people. Additionally, the personnel costs, rental costs, and manual labor costs are lower in Turkey than in Europe or in other countries (Poland, Hungary, etc.) that we consider being competitors in Dental Treatment.

Since the Country’s income partly based on Tourism, our state attaches great importance to Health Tourism income and supports the entrepreneurs in this regard. Last of all, no matter what topic you look for, if you choose Turkey for Dental Treatment, you will see and feel that you are very beneficial regarding price, comfort, convenience, and Treatment.

If You Favor Our Clinic For Your Dental Treatment, Some Of Your Advantages Are
  • You save up to 50% on the comparison to European countries.
  • You get understandable information about treatment without a language barrier.
  • You get the best results of dental treatment during your holiday in Turkey.
  • You get the high-quality material on the European standard in your Treatments.
  • Free VIP pick-up service between your hotel or your home and the clinic.
  • Your Personal advisor will be available 24 hours a day during your holiday in Turkey.
  • A Dental Clinic with his own Dental Laboratory.
  • A guarantee on the treatment performed.
  • You will feel unique from the beginning to the end of the Treatment.
  • The opportunity to be Treated in a reliable Clinic, which is particularly preferred by European guests in the Side-Manavgat region.

Baron Dental Clinic
Free Private Pick up Service

Our aim is for our valued patients to provide better service, comfort, and leisure. We take you from your home or hotel to the clinic with our free VIP vehicle and bring you back to your home or hotel at the end of the treatment following the appointment time.

          Our transfer vehicle is standard and extra seat insured. Our vehicle has the D2 license and TÜRSAB passenger transport document under the laws of the Republic of Turkey and is always kept clean and hygienic for you.

          Our VIP transfer vehicle driver has a Psychotechnical Certificate and driver license under the passenger transport laws of the Republic of Turkey and he is always friendly, courteous and attentive following Clinical guidelines for you.

Step 1

Get In Touch With Us

Contact us via e-mail, phone call or whatsapp.

Step 2

Get Free Consulting

Our specialist denists will examine your x-rays, prepare your treatment plan and will inform you afterwards.

Step 3

Fly To Turkey

There are plenty of direct flights to Antalya and we can help you find the cheapest flight and great hotels nearby.

Step 4

Free Transfer

We provide transfer service between airport, hotel and clinic. Our transfer service is available for all your appointments.

Step 5

Begging Of Your Treatment

Now that you’re at our clinic we will decide your final treatment plan and begin your treatment on the same day.

Step 5

A Holiday To Remember

Since Antalya located on the beautiful coast of Mediterranean Sea and also has a very rich historical background you will be able to enjoy a great holiday full of sun, sea and smiles!

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Baron Dental Clinic
Easy Payment Plan

Our Clinic, which provides Dentistry services for European guests on holiday in the Side-Manavgat region, offers a better service based on mutual trust and comfortable payment options.

Patients Who Pay All Treatment Fees During The Treatment Will Eeceive A Discount On The Total Treatment Fee Listed Above.

Cash Payment             :5%
Credit Or Debit Card    :3%

Installment Payment
  • Treatments of more than 3000 Euros,
  • Need of 2 or 3 Treatments periods like dental implant treatments or bone augmentation.
  • Patients who come to our Country for vacation and undergo emergency Dental Treatment and cannot pay the Treatment fee during his holiday in Turkey.
  • Patients with the above criteria must pay at least 50% of Treatment fees.
  • The installments can be paid in 1-6 installments.
  • Payment in installments agreed upon with a written agreement.
  • At the end of the Treatment, we will generate a bill with a copy of your passport so you can pay your installment in your own country.
  • Between 5% and 10% is applied Installment fee to the total treatment fee when the patient wants to pay in installments.

These features may change after your consultation but be sure that during the consultation, we will prepare the best suitable payment plan for you.

You can pay by cash,  any credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), or bank transfer.

Baron Dental Clinic

We offer you dental construction services in a comfortable and modern environment in a very short time under favour of our own Dental Laboratory. We will be happy to host you in our clinic.

Contact Us

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