Treatments we carry out in our clinic

Dental Implant

Do you suffer from missing tooth/teeth and do you want to have more healthy and aesthetical teeth which would make you chew more easily? This is possible …

Bone Augmentation

Sinus lift basically means lifting the maxillary sinus membrane through a surgical operation by pushing it upwards and the gap created is filled with bone …

Smile Design & Crown

Do you suffer from severe dental damage, bad or old fillings, tissue loss or missing teeth? You can have a better smile in a healthy and rapid manner with …

Removable Dentures

Partial dentures are apparatus attached through hooks (clasps) on the teeth and can be removed and placed by the patient easily. They are known as hooked …

Bleaching (Whitening)

Don’t you like the color of your teeth? Would you like to have whiter teeth? Your wish will come true at our clinic through professional whitening …

Aesthetic Filling Treatments

Composite fillings are aesthetics fillings that might directly be applied with the least loss of dental tissue and produced in the teeth color. This type …

Root Canal Treatment

Canal treatment is used when dental pulp (nerve and vein tissue inside) is irreversibly damaged or infected due to deep cavities and traumas. Cavity tissue, …

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Frank Rosendahl

Vielen Dank für die wirklich gute Behandlung und die gute Arbeit. Auch wenn es unangenehm ist. Vielen Dank an die helfenden Hände!

Mario Dippmann

Hallo und Danke an das komplette Team! absolut kompetent absolut freundlich absolut zuverlässig Super Beratung Ehrlich, korrekt Weiterempfehlung 100 %

Bernd 0007

Klasse immer wieder. Super freundlich . Tolle Fachkompetenz und Durchführung. Ich kann es mit ruhigen Gewissens nur weiterempfehlen.

Lilija Zang

Mein Sohn war hier in dental clinic hat mir empfohlen , ich bin auch sehr zufrieden !!!

Fed Den

Die Praxis ist einfach nur der HAMMER ich bin mehr als zufrieden hochmoderne Technik sowas von 100 prozentig sauber und super freundlich nur zu empfehlen ich komme WIEDER

Baron Dental Clinic

We offer you dental construction services in a comfortable and modern environment in a very short time under favour of our own Dental Laboratory. We will be happy to host you in our clinic.

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