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Do you suffer from missing tooth/teeth and do you want to have more healthy and aesthetical teeth which would make you chew more easily? This is possible at our clinic thanks to specialized dentists.

Implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed in the jawbone to restore function and aesthetics of missing teeth. They are made out of titanium. Implant is the best and latest type of treatment for missing teeth. Implant treatments are more easy, painless and rapid in our days thanks to new and technological material.

Advantages of implant treatment are as follows; for patients with a single loss of teeth, more aesthetical and functional results are achieved without sacrificing adjacent teeth to restore the single tooth. Patients who have loss of teeth in lower and upper jaw must have their healthy teeth scaled down so that a dental bridge is applied. Patients who have lost all their teeth in lower and upper jaw and suffer from soft tissue damage or bad chewing function due to the movement of prosthesis as well as patients who use upper jaw prosthesis and suffer from loss in the sense of taste as prosthesis cover the palate will be free of all these disadvantages after implant treatment.

Implant Treatments Are Comprised Of Two Stages
Surgical Stage And Superstructure Stage

Surgical operation for attaching the implant to the bone is normally around 15 minutes. Total surgery time depends on various criteria such as bone structure, the number of implants to be attached or compliance of the patient.

First step in implant treatment is planning the surgery and superstructure. The dentist plans these stages through tomography and a panoramic x-ray. Dental implants are performed by local anesthesia and placed in the jawbone and that is why you don’t feel pain during the operation. It is important that you follow the recommendations of the dentist after the operation.

On average 2 to 4 months of a waiting period is necessary after placement of implants. The waiting period is required for the implant (osseointegration) to biologically connect to jawbone. If necessary, temporary teeth might be used in the waiting period of 2-4 months long.

After this, the superstructure phase is completed on average in a week or two with 3 or 4 sessions in total.


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Implant supported permanent treatment in case 3 teeth are missing
Implant supported permanent treatment in case all teeth are missing
Implant supported removable dentures in case all teeth are missing.
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