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Do you suffer from severe dental damage, bad or old fillings, tissue loss or missing teeth?

You can have a better smile in a healthy and rapid manner with laminate, zirconium or metalloceramic based crowns.

For whom are  Metal supported porcelain & Zirconia Crowns suitable:
  • Has single or multiple missing teeth due to various reasons
  • Has stained teeth, bad fillings or teeth whose shape have changed
  • Doesn’t want to receive orthodontic treatment
  • Is older than 18 years of age

Can have zirconium or metal ceramic crown.

Metal supported porcelain crown and dental bridge:

As one can understand from how they’re called, metal supported porcelain crowns are enabled through placing metal alloy under the ceramic. Metal supported crowns, produced by Chromium-Cobalt or Chromium-Nickel alloys, in line with dental tissue and with the necessary level of durability are created when porcelain is piled up above the metal. Such crowns are affected by the metal underneath. As the metal does not transmit light, a dull appearance and a dark colored reflection in parallel to gums are observed. That is why metal supported crowns are not recommended particularly for frontal teeth due to aesthetical concerns.

Zirconia supported porcelain or monolithic zirconia crown and dental bridge

Zirconia supported porcelain crowns are prosthesis for which white colored zirconia alloy is used rather than metal. Zirconia crowns have this aesthetic appearance close to natural teeth and are quite more aesthetic compared to metal supported crowns. They reflect the light. They do not lead to a dark colored line in parallel to gums as a white colored alloy is used for the infrastructure. They are 100% in harmony with human body. They do not cause any allergic reactions. As for monolithic zirconia crowns, porcelain is not applied. The whole structure is prepared by 3D printers and the result is ideal aesthetics

Laminate Veneer 

Laminate aesthetic which is also called as leaf porcelain is an aesthetic practice applied to frontal teeth of those with aesthetical problems and is basically cementing a porcelain layer to the front side of teeth. These crowns made out of porcelain are thin and semi permeable layers. They are prepared and placed on an existing tooth with perfect harmonization and sensitivity. Harm on the teeth is kept at a minimum level as a very thin layer is removed from dental surface in line with the smile design needs of patients. It is a very successful method from an aesthetical point of view as they are very thin and include no metal.

What are the stages in performing porcelain crowns – Dental porcelain bridge?

Your dentist decides upon the treatment based on your wish after the examination. The relevant teeth are cut to size. Then, the measured dimensions are sent to dental lab after the right color in harmony with the patient’s skin tone and facial characteristics is chosen. The temporary crowns are prepared and placed within the day. Then an appointment for rehearsal of the infrastructure that you choose is given. Upon rehearsals of infrastructure (gum harmony, height check, harmony with the adjoining teeth) another appointment for rehearsal of superstructure, which is called final rehearsal, is provided. When the desired result is achieved in the final rehearsal the process is completed by cementation. If any problems appear during final rehearsal – in terms of height, incompatibility with adjoining teeth- they are solved by the dentist and teeth are sent to the lab once again. Then an appointment within the day or for the following day is provided and crowns are cemented. This is a process which can take 7-14 days with 3 or 4 appointments.

Crowns might be used for about 10 years without any problems. However you can extend the life span of denture by brushing at least 2 times a day, gargling and using inter dental brush or flossing.
Old crowns might lead to tooth decay, bad breath, receding gums and result in loss of teeth. Therefore old and incompatible crowns should be renewed.


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